BY:Patience Perazim

I will fly like an eagle

I will sing like the birds in the sky

My voice will be heard in all nations

And my name will be known high above


I will cross the bridge I was afraid of

I will climb the highest mountains

I will swim through the dangerous rivers

And run my race by faith


I will cross the oceans I never thought I would

I will climb the ladder which was prepared for me

I will go through the wide opened doors

And nothing shall stop me


I will spread my wings and ascend to the hills

Holding on to my high calling

Forgetting all things which are behind me

And press on towards the mark


I will overcome every obstacle

And win every battle

I will conquer in every fight

And the heavens will celebrate my victory


My scars will be shining stars

My test will be testimony

My mess will be a message

And I will sing a song of joy


Every creation will feel my presence and salute

Nature will listen to my foot steps

All odds will be bound to surrender

And every opposition shall bow down


I will break forth and go beyond the expectations

When my times comes

I will cross over to the other side

And nothing can stand on my way

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