BY:Patience Perazim

When the sun sets

Darkness surrounds you

Every side you turn seems so dark

Fear not because it’s just for a while

The sun will shine again


When the sun sets it tells you that today is gone

So let us prepare for tomorrow,

For it won’t be long, it’s just a midnight hour

The sun will rise again


When you think that midnight hour is over

Behold, it’s getting more darker

It means it’s dawning, your morning is coming

And soon you will see a new day

When the sun rises


A new day brings hope

It stands for new beginning

It stands for victory and power

You will overcome the darkness

When the sun shines again


Sometimes you feel that morning has come

But when you look you see no light but darkness

It doesn’t mean a new day has not come yet

It’s just a winter season, summer time is coming

The sun will shine again


Sometimes you raise your head

Hoping to see the light shining

But when you look it’s just a dark cloud above the sky

The only thing you hear is a voice of thurnder

Fear not, the Sun will Shine again


It won’t be dark forever

It’s not the end of the world

When summer comes and sun shines

Everything becomes bright and beautiful

Keep on believing, it’s just for a little while

The sun will rise and shine again.

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