The key to success

BY:Patience Perazim

Success is not like a ball you can hold

It’s not like a mountain that you can climb over

It’s not like a river that you can swim through

It’s not like an open hall you can just enter

But success has a key


It’s so demanding yet so precious

It’s not easy to hold on to it yet so important

It needs dedication, discipline and humility

It needs your mind, your heart and patience.


Success doesn’t come so easily

You don’t wake up and be a successful somebody

You may have your dreams and goals

But without education they will be shattered


You need education to open doors of success

You need it to lead you to your brighter future

Once you hold on to it, no one can take it away from you

And your goals shall be accomplished.


Education is the key to success

It is the ladder to climb up and be on top

It is the flag you need to rise up

It is the key that will never let you down.


Hold on to education and preserve

Hold up this key until you reach your destination

Don’t give up and don’t lose hope

Hold on to it for your future


Education is a rough road that leads to success

It’s a key that holds your future

Hold on and keep on going

Deny yourself today and celebrate tomorrow  

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