Practice makes perfect

BY:Moses R Zwane

When a child is born, he can’t speak or walk. In short he is not yet responsible to do things in his own. But you will be surprise to see him running one day. I hope you understand and you know very well that you once faced that stage, whereby you were irresponsible for anything. The only language you knew was to cry.

Let me remind you that no matter how lazy and disqualified you may be, you can still become the person you want to be. Today you are fluent in the language you are speaking because PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. I want to challenge you as you are reading this article, if you can keep on doing it, you will become it. What makes a child speak is because the parents kept on speaking to him. At the first place he will never speak fluently, but when he persist on speaking he becomes perfect.

Let me assure you something powerful about yourself. You can become the person you want to be, only if you keep on practicing it. Nothing is impossible with you. The word ‘Impossible simple means, ‘I’m Possible.’ Today you have to take a stand and believe that whatever you need you can achieve it, only if you apply this principle, “Practice makes perfect.” Remember that you came across these stages, where you have to crawl, stand, and run. Before you can run you have to fall, but that will never disqualify you. When you fall is not a bad luck, but part of the process to run. In everything you will do, you will face times whereby you fail, but you have to know that is part of the journey to be perfect. Sometimes when you drive you will encounter some potholes but no driver will drive back. Every failure is your advantage to use your skill to reach your destiny.

Practice makes perfect, I know you’ve discouraged, failed, and disqualified, but stand with boldness because you can make it. Lastly, people will never believe in you until you believe in yourself. You will never get anyone to inspire you until you inspire yourself. You have all power to make it or to quit. Choose what is good and the goodness will follow you.

Practice makes perfect.

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