BY:Patience Perazim

You might not see the sign
There may be no clouds above the sky
The atmosphere might be saying something against your wish
But it will rain.

It may not be promising
It might become very hot while you are expecting the rainfall
The condition might not be favourable
But time will come where you will enjoy the raindrops.

Don’t lose hope when the sun gets hot
Don’t be scared of the heat
For the heat prepares the rain
Unless the heat goes up, it will never rain.

For you to enjoy the rain you need the heat
Let the sun heats you
Let everything around you get dry
It won’t be long, the rain shall fall.

Whatever is dead will come back to life
Everything which has dried up will be revived
Hope and faith shall be restored
When it rains.

No one is gonna remember the heat they went through
The ground shall produce food
And people will celebrate the season of life
It doesn’t matter how long it takes
But it will rain.

It might take days, weeks or months
It might not be promising, but the rain shall fall
There shall be showers of blessings
Heaven will open up to pour down the rain
Rain of revival and restoration
Yes, it will rain.

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