BY:Patience Perazim

I may be down failing to rasie my head up,

I may be weak and useless

 I may be an outcast and never be loved

But will rise and be of good courage.


 I may be nothing in the face of the earth

The world may look down on me

I may be deep in shame having no name

But I will rise with the new name


Pains and sorrow have surrounded my life

Tears have become my daily bread

Difficulties and trails in my path

Everything has turned against me

But I will rise above everything


They tried to kill my dream

They stole what I had, the treasure I kept for so many years

The precious thing I was hoping to die with has been taken away

The little hope I had is gone

But I will rise with boldness


They trapped my feet that I may fall

They wish that I may die ngingenalutho

They wished me bad

They cursed me and called me names

But I will rise blessed


They hated me, oppressed me

And abused my emotions

They caused me pains, benz’ impilo yabamunyu

Their bitter words have crushed my heart

But I will rise ngenethemba


They destroyed my shelter

Bathatha konke okiyigugu kimi

They killed all my loved ones for no reason

They left me naked and hopeless

But I will rise ngembethe amandla


I will rise bekhuluma

I will rise beshilo ukuthi kuphelile ngami

I will rise sebeqedile ngempilo yami

I will rise and say this is a new beginning.


I will emerge in the midst of the storm of confusion

I will rise and proclaim my victory

I will be crowned with splendor

Because I will rise a winner

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