Every challenge is challenging you to change it.

BY:Moses R Zwane
If you can take a tour to any event, you will find many people there. One of the things you have to know is that they used different vehicles to get themselves there. Some used expensive cars, wrecks, motorbikes, bicycles and others used their legs. But the fact is that we all arrived in the event.
Dear beloved, no matter how bad is your background, you are not a mistake to be in this world. It might happen you came through rape, your parents told you that you are a mistake, and the community is not happy about You, but you have to know that you are not a mistake. You are in this world to change every challenge that was tormenting your family. Every challenge is challenging you to change it. 
One of the best key we have to change your challenge and in your family is through education. People will run away from you but education will cleave in you. Your best friends will become the worst enemies one day, but education will abide in you if you pursue it. 
Never allow the nagitivity of the people to ruin your life.
●You are intelligent. 
●You are wise.
●You are powerful.
●You are the winner.
●You are not a quitter.
●You are the best.
●You can make it.
You have power to change your life to the better. Giving up is not who you are, but to press on and overcome is your DNA.
Every challenge is challenging you to change it. Everything you see in front of you which is not Good is looking for your attention to change it. 
You can make it in life.
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