Beyond The Tests

BY:Patience Perazim

There’s joy and celebration prepared for you

There’s a crown of victory

There’s a reward for holding on

There’s a prize beyond the test.


The test may be difficult on you

Trials may be hard to face

But lift up your eyes and look beyond that

Then you will realize there’s a prize beyond the test waiting you for you.


Mountains may be too high

And seems impossible to climb

But when you look beyond

You will be able to rise above it.


When the fight gets hot

Don’t concentrate on the heat

But look beyond what you are going through

Then you will realize your promotion lies beyond the heat.


It’s not easy to stand against all odds

It may be difficult to rise your head above the storms

It can be hard to stand firm and face all challenges

But across that bridge there is a celebration of victory


Your path can be so dark

You may fail even to take a step forward

But don’t give up, keep on going

Remember, winners never quit for they know that

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.


You need to win to get the prize

You need to pass to be promoted

You have to overcome to be crowned

For you to receive the reward beyond the tests

You need to conquer and walk in victory.


Once you realize what lies beyond the tests

You will hold on and keep on going on

You will press on and never look back

You will stand against all odds

You will rise above the storms like an eagle

You will be unstoppable looking beyond the tests.  

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