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PrepExam is an educational social student portal with access to past exam question papers, marking guidelines, study tips, study groups and tutors. The portal is designed to increase student’s performance and expose them to different perspective on the educational materials.

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PrepExam offers academic support based on prescribed educational materials and questions asked in the previous examination and assignments issued by Colleges and TVET Colleges.

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PrepExam is bringing students together online in a platform that supports and helps them academically, enabling every student to reach their full potential by offering them highly effective online study support, online social support from other students, tutors, and peer tutors.

Past Exam Papers

At PrepExam we know you need extra support and lots of motivation while preparing for your exams and we know just how to give it to you, offering you: Study tips, peer tutors, group studies, practice on past exam question papers and online discussions with other students.

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Come join the group chats and be part of the exam preparation teams.

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PrepExam Tutoring or Academic coaching is an evolution of mentoring applied to academics, Tutoring involves a collaborative approach.

Tutors help students learn the material in individual courses and help them learn how to be successful in college that includes such topics as: study skills, time management, stress management, effective reading, note-taking, test-taking, and understanding how to use a syllabus. Tutors work with students in all kinds of situations, not just those who are struggling academically. Some highly motivated, high-achieving students will have a tutor to improve their learning efficiency. PrepExam Tutors also help students prepare for entrance exams.